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Hello. I’m excited to share my knowledge about business attorneys. My name is Randy Shrimps. I had to hire a business attorney upon receiving notice of a copyright violation for one of my products. Although I had the paperwork to prove that I created the product first, the case was still scheduled to appear in front of a judge. The business attorney professionally represented me to have the case dismissed. I want to dedicate this site to the exploration of services offered by business attorneys. I will talk about the benefits of having legal representation for business matters. Thank you.


3 Reasons You May Want to Establish a Living Trust

8 May 2019
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Many people are familiar with wills, but fewer know a lot about living trusts. A living trust is an estate planning document that has many similarities to a last will and testament, but it also comes with some benefits that can make it much for preferable than a will for many people. When you establish a living trust, all of your assets are still yours, but they are held in trust throughout your lifetime; your trustee will follow your wishes regarding the trust following your death. Read More …